Board Of Trustees

Updated: 08/19/2017

Goose Creek Subdivision is maintained by a board that consist of 9 trustees. Each member is elected to serve a 3 year term. At the Fall meeting the following: Chairman, Vice-chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary. Other trustees fill the various committees that help to manage operations of Goose Creek.

Below you may see the current members of the Board as well as their positions they fill.

Bob Wartenbe -

Chairman Of The Board / Elected in 2015

Kimberly K. Curtis -
Elected in 2016 and presently serves as Vice-Chairman.
Kim also serves on the Security, Land Acquisition, and Fines committees.

Mike Casey-Secretary -
Elected in 2015 and serves as Secretary for the Board.
He is Chairman of the Road and Maintenance committee, and also serves on the Lake and Beach committee.

Jeni Margherio-Treasurer -
Elected in 2016 and serves as Treasurer for the Board.
Jeni is Chairman of the Administration committee, and also serves on the Security and Fines committees.

Randy Rickermann -
Elected in 2014 and is the Chairman for the Land Acquisition and
Pool committees. He also serves on the Administration and Permits committees.

Mark Warren -
Elected in 2015 and serves as Chairman for the Permits and the Lake and Beach committees.
Additionally, Mark also serves on the Administration and Road and Maintenance committees.

Cliff Wachter -
Elected in 2014 and serves as the Chairman of the Fines committee. Cliff also serves on the Administration,
Road and Maintenance, Lake and Beach, and Pool committees.

PJ Passiglia -
Elected in 2016 and is Chairman of the Security committee.
He also serves on the Road and Maintenance, Land Acquisition, Permits, and Fines committees.

Don Sobocinski -
Elected in 2012 and is Chairman of Fines Committee. Also serves on the Permits Committee.