Boat Dock Information

Updated: 01/19/2018
Covenants - Article VII - Plat Restrictions - Building - Construction

Article VII - Section (B) - #10

All plans for building new boat docks, or plans for the repair and renovation of existing boat docks must be submitted to the Trustees for approval. Boat docks may use plastic, or any other types of non-corrosive drums which have been triple-washed, and cleaned of all foreign substances and chemicals. No steel barrels or metal drums shall be used. All lakefront properties with electrical service at or near the waters’ edge, including boat docks, either floating or stationary, are required to have an electrical safety inspection performed by a qualified individual, by May 1, 2016 or whenever lakefront property changes ownership.

  • a. All wiring methods and conductors shall be suitable for wet locations;
  • b. All wiring shall meet National Electrical Code Article 553 (Floating Buildings);
  • c. Disconnect at shore shall be 42” above finish grade and accessible at all times for emergency personnel;
  • d. All breakers feeding dock must be GFCI.
  • e. A Dock Wiring Inspection Sheet (available at Office) must be completed and returned to the office. Results of the inspections must be submitted to the Office for review. Any failed inspections must either be corrected within 90 days of the inspection or electrical service must be removed from the affected area. This change is effective October 3, 2015 and applies to all lakefront properties, regardless of when electrical service was added.

  • Boat docks must be 10' foot from the property line and no more than 40' out depending on which part of the lake or cove your in. For more information please call the Office at: (573)358-3133