Goose Creek Lake Bus Stop Safety Rules

Updated: 11/16/2017
Bus Stop Safety Rules

It was recently brought to our attention that there is a need to update everyone regarding bus stop safety at Goose Creek. The safety of our children at the bus stop is very important to all of us. We should NEVER have to encounter an accident or injury to our children. Goose Creek and the bus drivers previously put together some BUS STOP SAFETY RULES to help keep our children safe when getting ON and OFF the bus.

  • 1. FRONT ROW PARKING - You MUST back into the parking spots that are in the front row (closest to the bus stop). You should NEVER be backing up at the bus stop.
  • 2. Headlights MUST be turned off in the morning. We do not want to blind the bus drivers or the children walking across the parking lot.
  • 3. SPEED LIMIT-DRIVE 5mph. There is no reason to speed.
  • 4. Children must remain in vehicles until their bus arrives. This will help prevent the kids from being in danger while vehicles are arriving.
  • 5. PARENTS- You must stay parked until the bus has left.
  • 6. Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes early.
  • 8. Teach your children about BUS STOP SAFETY.
There are a lot of children who get ON and OFF the bus. Let's help keep them safe!!!

Failure to comply with the simple Bus Stop Safety Rules will result in a $100.00 violation from Goose Creek Lake. We CANNOT have our children in danger at the bus stop.

Thank you in advanced for your cooperation!