Goose Creek 2017 Community Events Schedule

Updated: 07/02/2017
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Jan 1st Fri - Polar Plunge at the Beach (Weather Permitting) Sponsor: / Time: Noon
Feb 11th Sat - Valentines Dinner & Dance - Dinner at 7pm, Muisc 8pm-12am (No Smoking) Sponsor: POVA / Time: 7pm-12am
Mar 18th Sat - St. Pat's Dance Corn Beef & Cabbage Dinner @ 6:30pm, Music 8-12 (No Smoking) Sponsor: GCLA / Time: 6:30pm-12am
Apr 15th Sat - Easter Egg Hunt-Pond-Ages: 1-12 Free - Sponsor:POVA/FD / Time: 1pm Sharp
Apr 22nd Sat - MudDawgs Texas Holdem @ Rec Hall; $20 Entry Fee - Sponsor: MudDawgs / Time: 4pm
May 6th Sat - Axes & Hoses Poker Run - Registration @ 12pm (No Smoking) - Sponsor: FD / Time: 1pm-4pm
May 13th Sat - Goons Poker Run-Registration @ 1pm - Sponsor:Goons / Time: 2pm-6pm
May 13th Sat - Goons Spring Dance-Dinner (While food last), LIVE Band!!! BYOB - Sponsor: Goons / Time:7pm-12am
May 26th Sat - Snack Shack Opens - Sponsor:POVA / Time:12pm-6pm
May 27th Sat - Kids Fishing Tournament (At Fish Pond) Registration 8:30am - Sponsor:GC / Time: 9:30am-3pm
May 28th Sun - Memorial Weekend Breakfast Buffet (No Smoking) - Sponsor: FD / Time: 7:30am-11am
Jun 3rd Sat - MudDawgs Trivia Night @ Rec Hall - Sponsor:MudDawgs / Time: 6pm
Jun 10th Sat - POVA Poker Run Registration @ 12 Noon (No Smoking) - Sponsor:POVA / Time: 1pm-4pm
Jun 17th Sat - Youth Swim Under 18 (Lock-in) Free - Sponsor: POVA / Time: 7pm-9pm
Jul 1st Sat - Cake Walk @ Rec Hall (Cakes Needed) - Sponsor: FD / Time: 4pm
Jul 1st Sat - Fireworks Display - @ Beach - Sponsor: / At Dusk
Jul 2nd Sun - Forth Of July Breakfast Buffet (No Smoking) - Sponsor: FD / 7:30am-11am
Jul 15th Sat - DNF Water Poker Run Registration @ 12pm (Boat Dock Area) - Sponsor: DNF / Time: 12pm-4pm
Jul 22nd Sat - POVA Poker Run Christmas In July, Registration @ 12pm - Sponsor: POVA / Time: 12pm-4pm
Jul 29th Sat - Youth Swim Under 18 (Lock-in) Free - Sponsor: POVA / Time: 7pm-9pm
Aug 5th Sat - Axes & Hoses Poker Run, Registration @ 12pm (Bring paper goods for food pantry) - Sponsor: FD / Time: 1pm-4pm
Sep 3rd Sun - Labor day Breakfast (No Smoking) - Sponsor: FD / Time: 7:30am-11am
Sep 16th Sat - POVA Poker Run, Registration @ 12pm (No Smoking) - Sponsor: POVA / Time: 1pm-4pm
Sep 23rd Sat - Goons Chili Dump - Bring some chili to add to the pot @ Fish Pond - Sponsor: Goons / Time: 6pm
Sep 30th Sat - MudDawgs Bingo @ Rec Hall - Sponsor: MudDawgs / Time: 6pm This event has been canceled
Oct 7th Sat - Property Owners Meeting - Time: 10am
Oct 7th Sat - Hayride-Chili Supper-Bonfire @ Pool Pavilion (Rain out date Oct-14th) - Sponsor: GCLA / Time: 6pm
Oct 21st Sat - Axes and Hoses Fall Poker Run Registration @ 12-Noon, (No Smoking) - Sponsor: FD / Time: 1pm-4pm
Oct 28th Sat - Children's Halloween Party (Hot Dogs & Chili) Free - Sponsor: POVA / Time: 3pm
Oct 28th Sat - DNF Adult Halloween Party - Sponsor: DNF / Time: 7pm-12am
Oct 29th Sun - Trunk or Treat @ Beach - Time: 2pm-4pm
Nov 1st Wed - Sign up in office for children's Christmas Party, Nov 1st - Nov 30th ages - Sponsors: POVA /
Dec 9th Sat - Children's Christmas Party (No Smoking) Free - Sponsor: POVA / Time: 2pm-4pm
Dec 9th Sat - Goons Christmas Party $10 ea., Under 16 Free, Live Band!!!, BYOB & Snacks - Sponsor: Goons / Time: 7pm-1am
Dec 31st Mon - DNF New Years Eve Party-Dance - Sponsor:DNF / Time: 7pm-1am

Volunteer Groups

We have several groups of volunteers that work hard to help make Goose Creek a safer, more pleasant and fun place to visit and live. The following is a brief description of who they are and what they do for the betterment of Goose Creek.

  • The Fire department, would like to THANK all of the property owners who support us by purchasing Fire Tags and attending the different Fund Raising events sponsored by the Fire Department. This coming year the cost of a Fire Tage will remain the same. If you get a chance, stop by and see all of the improvements that have been done. And as always we are looking for more volunteers. It takes of of time and hard work, but is very rewarding: helping your fellow man in times of need. We meet every Tuesday at 7pm at Firehouse #1. Thank you again. Bob Reeves Fire Chief (573)760-5506
  • The Property Owners Volunteer Association (POVA) raises money for children's activities and holiday parties in Goose Creek. We operate the Snack Bar at the pool during the summer and maintain and improve the playground equipment throughout the year. We also sponsor some adult activities during the year. We are always looking for new volunteers to help expand our activities. Contact: Norma Grass at (573)883-6363 for more information (Meets 4th Saturday at the Office Conference Room.)
  • Neighorhood Watch is an organization designed to help maintain the safety and security of the Property Owners of Goose Creek. We also sponsor informative programs on subjects that have an impact on all. Most recently, a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) was formed to provide assistance in the event of Tornadoes, earthquakes, and other major events. While we meet monthly, we rove and observe every day. (Meets 3rd Saturday at 9:00AM at the Office Conference Room) Contact: Tom Martin at (573)315-1897
  • The Beautification Club is a group of volunteers that try to make visual improvements in Goose Creek. We raise money by recycling aluminum for projects and donations. We will continue landscaping at various locations around Goose Creek. Our thanks to all Property Owners that support our activities, especially for saving your aluminum for Goose Creek. Without you, we can do nothing! Contact: Barb Stepney at (573)315-9183 or if you can help. (Meets the 1st Monday at 11am at the Conference Room.)
  • The GCLA was formed to support the present and future developement of Goose Creek and to have a positiive influence on the Board Of Truestees within the framework of the Covenants of the Subdivision. We need interested Property Owners to help prepare for the future of Goose Creek. Contact: Barb Stepney at (573)315-9183 or if you can help. (Meets on a quarterly basis at the Office Conference Room.)
  • The DNF Club is a group of property owners who enjoy "Nascar". We have a common interest in helping with improvements to our community. We periodically have a fund raisers to benefit Goose Creek Lake and all proceeds go towards those improvements that we have chosen and are approved by Goose Creek Trustees. Contact: Margaret Jenkins at (314)398-7072
  • The Goose Creek Goons is a group of property owners that are attempting to reduce crime and vandalism in the community by offering a $1,000 dollar reward for information leading to the conviction of thieves & vandals at Goose Creek. Along with offering rewards we are constantly roaming around Goose Creek to help with Neighborhood Watch and Security as well as assisting other volunteer groups where needed for the betterment of Goose Creek. In 2016 we will be holding events such as poker runs and dances to raise money for the various needs of Goose Creek. Contact: Dave Baer at (314)954-6648 or Mark Hutchinson at
  • The MudDawgs are a newly formed group at Goose Creek. We are excited to contribute to the lake community. The club is a group of Property Owners that support improvements and help maintain in our community. The club will also donate money to events around the lake. We will have a variety of fundraising activities throughout the year to benefit Goose Creek. Contact: Kevin Rossmiller at (314)440-3128