Goose Creek Lake Fire Department

Updated: 05/23/2017

The Fire Department was founded in 1979 and provides direct fire protection support to Goose Creek Subdivision and the surrounding area.


Goose Creek Lake Fire

Emergency: 911
Bob Reeves (Fire Chief) Fire Station 1: By The Rec Hall (573) 358-3282 Main Number (573) 760-5506 Cell
Security Main Gate (573) 358-5890
  Main Gate Cell (573) 315-5256
  Security Rover (573) 315-5257


Fire Tags
Purchasing an annual fire tag helps to ensure that fire protection services are here to support Goose Creek Subdivision and that property owners are spared the cost associated with emergency response. Per the Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 320, charges for emergency services rendered to those individuals that have not entered into an agreement with the servicing fire department may be charged for emergency services. Purchasing a fire tag will ensure that you are protected against this. The FIRE PROTECTION CONTRACT reads as follows:

The property owner listed had entered into a contract with the Goose Creek Lake Fire Department with the payment listed per lot for the following:

  • The Fire Department agrees to protect life and the listed lots and property contained on those lots from the date of payment of the total fees for each lot through December 31, 2016. Fee must be paid in full for all lots owned by you for this contract to be valid.
  • The Fire Department assumes no responsibility whatsoever for property damages or mechanical failures of any equipment or for any failure to respond to an alarm if a previous alarm is occupying their attention. The Fire Department will do everything possible to respond properly to an alarm as far as their personnel and equipment will permit.
  • Every lot requires a Fire Tag:
  • $10.00 For each individual undeveloped lot
  • $25.00 For each individual lot containing any of the following: Electric, well, camper, shed, garage, pole barn, etc.
  • $40.00 For each individual lot containing a house, single, double, or triple wide mobile home, or any structure that is an inhabitable sleeping area.

  • (For example: a house on two lots is $40.00 + $10.00; three undeveloped lots is $30.00; three lots camper on one and a shed on another is 25.00 + $25.00 + $10.00)
    Goose Creek Lake Fire Department Approved Rate of Service (per Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 320)
    Paid Fire Tag Holder: No Charge on any call
    Non-Fire Tag Holders: Medical call – No Charge
    Structure Fire: $100.00 for call-out plus $500.00 per hour (pro-rated) plus PURCHASE of all Fire Tags.
  • Brush Fire: Same as structure fire
  • Motor Vehicle Accident: $100 For Call Out
  • Flue Fire: Same as structure fire
  • Vehicle Accident w/ Extrication: $200.00 an hour
  • Vehicle Fire: Same as structure fire
  • Hazmat: Per DNR Schedule or State Law
  • Pump Out Boat: $150.00 per hour
  • Rescue: $100.00 per hour + $100.00 for call out
  • Boat Fire: $200.00 per hour
  • Misc: As per call and personnel
  • Sunk Boat Recovery: $200.00 per hour + $100.00 for call out
  • Recovery Of Items In Water: $100.00 an hour + $100.00 for call out

  • Volunteer Group - Fire Department
  • The Fire department, would like to THANK all of the property owners who support us by purchasing Fire Tags and attending the different Fund Raising events sponsored by the Fire Department. This coming year the cost of a Fire Tage will remain the same. If you get a chance, stop by and see all of the improvements that have been done. And as always we are looking for more volunteers. It takes of of time and hard work, but is very rewarding: helping your fellow man in times of need. We meet every Tuesday at 7pm at Firehouse #1. Thank you again. Bob Reeves Fire Chief (573)760-5506