Goose Creek Lake Security Department

Updated: 05/23/2017

Goose Creek Lake Security
Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: (573) 358-5890
Front Gate Cell: (573) 315-5256
Security Rover Cell: (573) 315-5257



The Subdivision considers the safety and protection of property owners and their property extremely important and the Covenants reflect this. The subdivision maintains a deputy sheriff, commissioned with St. Francois county, on staff as head of security.

The front gate is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Gate security personnel help to ensure that only authorized persons gain access to the community and that stolen property does not leave. They are aided by video surveillance and computerized gate access.

Vehicle patrols are used to ensure road safety, escort emergency vehicles, and respond to disturbances or other calls.

Goose Creek Lake Security is not meant to replace the use of 911. In the event of an emergency, please call 911 immediately!



Helpful Hints From Security

  • Game cameras are a great start to help protect your property. They are easy to hide and take great pictures. #picturesworth1000words!
  • Having light on your property is always a good idea. It helps security notice if something has happened to your propety. #thieveslikeitdark!
  • Please do not leave boat trailers unattached to vehicles at the boat rmap. Unattached boat trailers may be left in the grass area by the parking lot.
  • If you are driving a vehicle other than your own you must use gate one (1) and show proof of insurance.
  • Guest passes may be obtained from the office or the guard house if the office is closed. All guests must show proof of vehicle insurance before entering the gate.