Goose Creek Lake Ballot Proposition Information

Updated: 01/05/2018

Ballot Proposition

Ballots have been sent to those Property Owners who are in good standings. The number of votes (lots) is marked on the ballot. The following procedures must be followed for your ballot to count.
  • 1. Indicate your vote on the candidates, proposition and survey and return in the envelope provided with your ballot.
  • 2. Return by mail (don't forget postage) or hand deliver to the office up to the day prior to the election.
  • 3. You can also return to the checkers at the Rec Hall on the day of the meeting in the envelope provided. The Ballot Box closes at 11:00am.
  • 4. Envelopes containing ballots will be null and void (not counted) if:
       a. Return address has been removed or replaced in any manner.
       b. No return address is used. (If your address has changed, indicate below the label provided.)
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