Goose Creek Lake Trustees Covenants & ByLaws

Updated: 01/27/2018

Covenants Change - "Proposition A" changed Article IV, Safety and Personal Conduct, Section A, Number 8:
  • 8. No commercial signs advertising any goods or service offered for sale, excepting real estate signs indicating a specific lot is "For Sale", may be placed or maintained on any non-commercial lot. No signs may be larger than size (6) square feet. Notwithstanding the foregoing, contractor signs indicating the identity of a contractor performing work on a specific lot may be displayed on the lot where the work is a being conducted and only for the duration of the validity period of the construction permit issued by the Goose Creek Subdivision Office.
  • Covenants Committee Meeting Times: 1st Saturday of the month at 9:00AM - Location: Firehouse #1 (No Smoking)

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