Updated: 12/11/2018

Severe Weather Threats

  • Question: In the event of a Severe Thunderstorm or a Tornado Warning where can property owners and our guest go for shelter?
  • Answer: In a non-tornadic storm, the Rec Hall & Conference Room will be available to take shelter in.
    Please contact: Security Main #: 573-358-5890, Main Mobile #: 573-315-5256. In the event of a Tornado Warning the Security department will sound the Tornado Siren to alert the community of an impending Tornado. At this time the Conference Room will be opened for property owners and their guests to take shelter during a Tornado Warning. The Rec Hall will not be available during a Tornado Warning due to safety issues.

    Web Browsers Issues

  • Note*: All links should be working in all browsers now. The compatibility issue with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox with link buttons not opening when clicking on them has been resolved.
  • Question: I'm using Internet explorer and the map links aren't opening showing the maps or other documents on the website?
  • Answer: Please make sure that your IE Browser is updated as older versions of Internet Explorer will not support new functions associated with web development. Such as with HTML 5. If the version of Internet Explorer is updated or you have the current Edge Version of Internet Explorer installed and your still having problems with this. Try downloading Chrome or Firefox web browser and using that instead. Goose Creek Lake website is developed to use the latest version of Internet Explorer. However users may still encounter issues due to the language IE Edge uses to display certain web-pages using HTML 5 development language and functions.
  • Question: I use a iPhone standard web browser Safari, and the menu version of the text links are to light to see correctly. What can be done to fix this problem?
  • Answer: Goose Creek is aware of this issue with Safari web browser not registering the correct link color text on the mobile version of the website. For a quick fix to this problem please use a alternative web browser on your phone such as Chrome, Firefox. As Chrome and Firefox on mobile devices See's the correct text color links in the menu system for the mobile version of the web site.

  • Main Page Sliding Images

  • Question: The images are sliding faster than I am able to read the text on them. How can it be slowed down?
  • Answer: If you place your mouse cursor over the image the sliding motion will pause. The same thing will pause the Community Events scrolling to the right of the page.
  • PDF Documents

  • Question: I'm receiving an error message that states I can not open PDF files or documents?
  • Answer: PDF Documents are " a file format that provides an electronic image of text or text and graphics that looks like a printed document and can be viewed, printed, and electronically transmitted. " Typically new and some older computer systems will come with a version of a PDF reader installed on it when purchased. However there are some older computers and new computers that still do not have the PDF document reader installed on them. Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader is the most commonly used PDF reader software available and there is a FREE version available. Click To Download Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader

  • Permits

  • Question: I'm wanting to have a shed delivered, do I need a permit?
  • Answer: Yes, you can apply for a permit by coming into the Goose Creek Office and requesting a building permit packet. You'll need to mark on your property with stakes or flags with the exact measurements being 25' from the front of the property line and 10' off the other three property lines on your property and then providing the measurements of the size of the shed or building you want on your property. You'll also need to provide those exact measurements on the graph paper provided in the permit packet. If you have further questions please contact Mindy Herrod by calling (573)358-3133. Additional information can be found here
  • Boats, ATV's

  • Question: I'm a family member can I bring in a ATV, boat etc?
  • Answer: No, only property owners are permitted to bring in or register atv's, utv's, dirt bikes, golf-carts, side by sides, dirt bikes etc. only property owners have this privilege. However family members are permitted to bring in a RV Camper.
  • Question: I'm a property owner and I own a boat what type of information do I need to have in order to get my boat inside the lake area?
  • Answer: You'll need to bring proof of insurance on the boat, title and registration showing that the boat is in your name (Must be in the property owners name) You'll need this information on your boat every Year.
  • Question: What form of identification for my boat will I need to get it registered at Goose Creek Lake?
  • Answer: You will need the Original Title (NOT A COPY OF THE TITLE) along with proof of insurance on the boat.
  • Note* IL residents are not required to have motor registration numbers on boat motors.
  • Question: What size boats are allowed inside Goose Creek Lake?
  • Answer: Covenants Article VI Watercraft - Pontoon boats and sailboats equipped with outboard motors may not exceed 28 feet in length. All other motorized watercraft may not exceed 22 feet in length. All boats equipped with outboard motors are limited to 230 horse power as shown on the title or registration except sailboats. Motors on sailboats are limited to 60 horsepower. Any boat that exceeds these limits that are properly registered with the Subdivision prior to October 6, 2007, will be exempt from these limits (Effective October 5, 2013)

    Contact the Missouri Highway Patrol if you question the length of your boat verses what the Title shows it to be, when calling the Missouri Highway Patrol be sure to ask about " Form 738 ", Missouri Highway Patrol at Koch Rd. Highway Patrol
    3180 Koch Rd
    Saint Louis, MO 63125
    Phone:(314) 416-2180

    Buyer Passes

  • Question: I am interested in coming to the Goose Creek Lake community to see about buying property, is there anything that I will need to bring with me?
  • Answer: You'll need to bring a valid drivers license and proof of auto insurance on the vehicle that you'll be driving into our community. You'll also need to provide that information at the Goose Creek Lake Office to obtain a ' Buyers Pass '. Buyer Passes are FREE of charge and must be used during Office business hours. Individuals who obtain a Buyers Pass are NOT permitted to fish, swim or use any other facility other than a restroom.
  • Goose Creek Lake Office Hours

    Regular Hours
      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
      12PM-4PM 12PM-4PM 12PM-4PM 12PM-4PM 8AM-4PM 8AM-4PM 12PM-4PM

    Community Event Calendar

  • Question: I'm trying to exit the Community Events Calendar, but I can't find the exit arrow what do I do?
  • Answer: On the Community Events Calendar, at the top of the web page you will notice a gray area, this is the menu system for the Calendar page. If you click on " My Calendar " and choose exit it will redirect you back to the Goose Creek Lake main page. Community Events Calendar
  • No Wake Lake Hours

  • Question: What are the No Wake Lake hours?
  • Answer: Monday - Sunday: 8:00PM - 8:00AM
  • Swimming Pool Hours

  • Question: What time does the swimming pool open during seasonal hours?
  • Answer: May 27th - Sept 2nd. Pool Hours: Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 11:30AM - 7:00PM, Tues & Wed Closed.
    The swimming pool can be rented for your special events. Click Here For Rental Info
  • Guest Passes

  • Property Owners are no longer allowed to bill guest passes to their account. Property owners must pay for each guest pass at the time of purchase. If the Property Owner's guest is present at the time you get a guest pass, there is no charge for that guest pass.
  • Gate Collections

  • Question: Our group would like to use the front gate to collection money for events at Goose Creek Lake, what do we need to do?
  • Answer: All groups wanting to do collections at the security gate need to get Board approval at least thirty (30) days prior to the event.
  • Culverts

  • Question: Does Goose Creek Office sell culverts?
  • Answer: Yes the office does have culverts available to property owners. You'll need a culvert permit as well. For more information, please contact one of our Customer Service Reps at the Office 573-358-3133. A culvert pricing list is available here on our website. Click Here