Goose Creek Lake Wildlife - Rabbits

Updated: 11/30/2017
“Cottontail” describes the characteristic appearance of this rabbit's tail: when it is raised, the white under-surface is conspicuous and resembles a fluff of cotton. Swamp Rabbit Larger and yellower than the eastern cottontail, the swamp rabbit is confined to swamps of Missouri’s Bootheel. As a wetland dweller, it’s a good swimmer and diver, but lack of swamp habitat is making this rabbit’s numbers decline.

Similar to the cottontail but has a generally larger size, proportionately shorter and rounder ears, coarser body fur with a yellowish cast (particularly to the rump), and more black mottling. The tops of the hind feet are reddish brown. Overall color is dark grayish or yellowish brown above, with coarse black peppering or mottling. Underparts are white except for the chest, which is buffy gray. The back of the neck is slightly rusty.

Size: Total length: 16–22 inches; tail length: 1½–3 inches; weight: 2½–6 pounds.